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We love our brands, and know you do too. Our collection of premier jewellery is designed and produced by some of the most respected and world renowned body jewellery designers across the globe.
We stock:
Exquisite glass plugs, ear weights and more handcrafted by the legendary Gorilla Glass. Cutting edge, distinctive earrings for standard and stretched lobes by the huge cult brand Maya Jewellery. Masters of stone and creators of one of kind pieces Diablo Organics. Glamorous, curated pieces by the well renowned Buddha Jewlery Organics. Unique hand forged hoops, weights and septum rings by the incredibly talented Quetzalli Jewelry.  Contemporary and fierce septum rings, hoops, cuffs and weights by  Tawapa. Solid gold ends and posts by the talented guys at Body Gems. Nature inspired ear weights, earrings and pendants by Eleven44.  Eco friendly wood plugs, rings and pendants by the one and only Omerica Organic.

In store and custom made to order – check out the complete range!