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What's in Store

Innovative Wood Plugs & Tunnels

Selection of highly crafted custom made Wood Plugs by premier brand Omerica Organic

Omerica Organic is the premier brand for highly crafted eco friendly wood plugs and tunnels. Since 2004 the Colorado team have custom made unique and innovative styles to match the needs of each and every customer. Always ahead of the game for innovation. These guys are awesome!! 

Beautifully handcrafted Jewellery

Dichroic Plugs by Gorrilla Glass the Premier brand in glass piercing jewellery

Gorilla Glass is the premier brand in glass piercing jewellery. For over a decade these guys have been designing and handcrafting unique pieces to match your individuality and style. Each piece of Gorilla Glass jewellery is designed and handcrafted in-house by skilled glass artisans 

Bang On Trend Body Piercings

Logo of one of the frontiers of body jewellery HalftOne

From humble beginnings as a small piercing studio in 1996, HalftOne has grown to be one of the frontiers in creating the trend in body jewellery. Using only the highest quality materials to manufacture jewellery combined with on trend designs 

Gold Collection

Stunning Plugs, Tunnels, Ear Hangers in 14 and 18 carat Gold plating. Sterling Silver or Brass base

When you just need some Bling!

From stunning plugs, tunnels and ear hangers to stylish septum rings, our 14 and 18 carat Gold plated collection has that covered. Bring out your inner diva and bag yourself some bling

Customised Made to Order

Photograph of customer wearing the Growth Ring Plugs courtesy of the awesome Omerica Organics

We are all different shapes and sizes, we are all unique in our own way, thats why we are proud to offer made to order custom branded body jewellery courtesy of Omerica Organic and Gorilla Glass the premier brands of piercings

Respect Individuality

Three diverse and unique individuals keeping in real , wearing beautiful Gorilla Glass Jewellery

Styles, tastes and characteristics is what makes us individual. At RebelsRepublic we believe that we offer a diverse range of body jewellery to meet the needs of all our customers and their budgets. If its not in stock don't worry we will get it

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