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Simple Martele Earrings


These, Simple Martele Earrings carved and faceted are perfectly formed
From eye-catching red and purple to contemporary black and crystal.
Sold as a pair.

  • Black(sp)
  • Cobalt
  • Crystal(sp)
  • Emerald
  • Honey
  • Ocean
  • Purple
  • Ruby
  • Smoke
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These, Simple Martele Earrings are perfectly formed
Carved and faceted in eye-catching and contemporary colours, designed to match the style of an everyday wearer

Gorilla Glass is the premier brand for unique glass jewellery.
For over a decade these guys have been designing and creating distinctive pieces using borosilicate and soda lime glass.
A team of highly skilled artisans, meticulously hand craft each piece to achieve a perfectly smooth, comfortable and highly desirable piece of jewellery.

Made to order and available in a wide range of sizes and stunning colours

Choice of colours:
Black, Crystal, Purple, Smoke, Ocean, Cobalt, Ruby, Honey and Emerald
Flame sculptured and carved soda lime glass
Niobium Hook

Handmade by Gorilla Glass in Mexico

Sold as a pair

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